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WSCAT(1) User Commands WSCAT(1)


wscat - Communicate over websocket


wscat [options] (--listen <port> | --connect <url>)


output the version number
listen on port
connect to a WebSocket server
optional protocol version
optional origin
execute command after connecting
wait given seconds after executing command
print a notification when a ping or pong is received
optional host
optional subprotocol (default: [])
do not check for unauthorized certificates
set an HTTP header. Repeat to set multiple (--connect only) (default: [])
add basic HTTP authentication header (--connect only)
specify a Certificate Authority (--connect only)
specify a Client SSL Certificate (--connect only)
specify a Client SSL Certificate's key (--connect only)
specify a Client SSL Certificate Key's passphrase (--connect only). If you don't provide a value, it will be prompted for
run without color
enable slash commands for control frames (/ping, /pong, /close [code [, reason]])
connect via a proxy. Proxy must support CONNECT method
output usage information
December 2020 wscat 4.0.1