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acorn(1) acorn(1)


acorn - parse JavaScript file


[--ecma3 | --ecma5 | --ecma6 | --ecma7 | ... | --ecma2015 | --ecma2016] [--tokenize] [--locations] [--allow-hash-bang] [--compact] [--silent] [--module] [--help] [--] [infile]


acorn is a utility to parse a JavaScript file from the command line. It accepts as arguments the input file. The utility spits out the syntax tree as JSON data.


Sets the ECMAScript version to parse. Default is version 7.
Tokenizer mode of the parser.
Attaches a "loc" object to each node with "start" and "end" subobjects, each of which contains the one-based line and zero-based column numbers in {line, column} form.
If enabled, skip the leading hashbang line.
No whitespace is used in the AST output.
Do not output the AST, just return the exit status.
Indicates the code shouldn't be parsed as a script but as a module. This influences global strict mode and 'import' and 'export' declarations.
Print the usage information and quit.