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netplan-try(8) netplan-try(8)


netplan-try - try a configuration, optionally rolling it back


netplan [–debug] try -h | –help

netplan [–debug] try [–config-file CONFIG_FILE] [–timeout TIMEOUT]


netplan try takes a netplan(5) configuration, applies it, and automatically rolls it back if the user does not confirm the configuration within a time limit.

This may be especially useful on remote systems, to prevent an administrator being permanently locked out of systems in the case of a network configuration error.


Print basic help.
Print debugging output during the process.
–config-file CONFIG_FILE
In addition to the usual configuration, apply CONFIG_FILE. It must be a YAML file in the netplan(5) format.
–timeout TIMEOUT
Wait for TIMEOUT seconds before reverting. Defaults to 120 seconds. Note that some network configurations (such as STP) may take over a minute to settle.


netplan try uses similar procedures to netplan apply, so some of the same caveats apply around virtual devices.

There are also some known bugs: if netplan try times out or is cancelled, make sure to verify if the network configuration has in fact been reverted.

As with netplan apply, a reboot should fix any issues. However, be sure to verify that the config on disk is in the state you expect before rebooting!


netplan(5), netplan-generate(8), netplan-apply(8)


Daniel Axtens (<>).