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NETDATA(1) real-time performance monitoring NETDATA(1)


netdata - real-time performance monitoring


netdata [-c OPTIONS] [-D|-d] [-P FILENAME] [-i IP] [-p PORT] [-s PATH] [-t SECONDS] [-u USERNAME]

netdata -h netdata -v|-V


netdata is distributed, real-time, performance and health monitoring for systems and applications. It provides insights of everything happening on the systems it runs using interactive web dashboards.

It can run autonomously without any third party components or it can be integrated to existing monitoring tool chains (Prometheus, Graphite, OpenTSDB, Kafka, Grafana, etc).


The netdata daemon is usually started by an initscript or a systemd service, the following options are available:

Configuration file to load.
Default: /etc/netdata/netdata.conf.

Do not fork. Run in the foreground.
Default: run in the background

Fork. Run in the background.
Default: run in the background

Display this help message.

File to save a pid while running.
Default: do not save pid to a file

The IP address to listen to.
Default: all IP addresses IPv4 and IPv6

API/Web port to use.
Default: 19999

Prefix for /proc and /sys (for containers).
Default: no prefix

The internal clock of netdata.
Default: 1

Run as user.
Default: netdata

Print netdata version and exit.

See Advanced options below.


Set the stacksize (in bytes).

Set runtime tracing to debug.log.

Run internal unittests and exit.

Create a DB engine dataset of N seconds and exit.

Run a DB engine stress test for A seconds, with B writers and C readers, with a ramp up time of D seconds for writers, a page cache size of E MiB, an optional disk space limit of F MiB and exit.

Set netdata.conf option from the command line.

Check if string matches pattern and exit.

Claim the agent to the workspace rooms pointed to by TOKEN and ROOM*.


Close and reopen log files.

Save internal DB to disk.

Reload health configuration.


Configuration file.
Upstream documentation.


More information about netdata can be found on the homepage at <> and in the manual at <>.


netdata was written by Costa Tsaousis <>.

This manual page was written by Federico Ceratto <> for the Debian project and may be used by others.

2021-02-07 1.29.0