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NPS2GPS(1) General Commands Manual NPS2GPS(1)


nps2gps - convert nucleotide-protein sets to ASN.1 genomic product sets


nps2gps [-] [-B] [-D] [-F] [-G str] [-L] [-N] [-P] [-Q] [-R] [-S] [-T] [-U] [-f str] [-i filename] [-o filename] [-p path] [-r path] [-x str]


nps2gps converts NCBI Bioseq-sets from simple nucleotide-protein sets to full genomic product sets complete with mRNA transcripts, which it outputs as text ASN.1.


A summary of options is included below.

Print usage message
NG and NR rRNA
RefSeq mRNA Titles
Map by Feature ID
General ID database name
Lock components in advance
Promote Non-coding RNAs
mRNA ID from Protein
Special mRNA titles
Enable Remote fetching from ID
Special ncRNA on preRNA
Map by Transcript ID
Remove Unnecessary gene cross-references
Substring filter
Single input file (default = stdin)
Single output file (default = stdout)
Path to files for batch conversion
Path for results of batch conversion
File selection suffix for batch conversion (default = .ent)


The National Center for Biotechnology Information.


asn2asn(1), asn2ff(1), asn2gb(1), asn2xml(1), asndhuff(1).

2016-09-01 NCBI Tools User's Manual