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SORT-UNIQ-COUNT(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual SORT-UNIQ-COUNT(1)


sort-uniq-count, sort-uniq-count-rank - print line frequencies


sort-uniq-count[-rank] [[-]b] [[-]f] [[-]i] [[-]n] [[-]r] [[-]s]


sort-uniq-count and sort-uniq-count-rank each read a text file on standard input, sort it according to any specified flags (-f by default), and report to standard output how often each input line occurs. Each output line consists of a count followed by a tab and an input line.

sort-uniq-count produces its output in the user's choice of sort order. sort-uniq-count-rank sorts its output primarily from highest to lowest count, with the user's sort order as a tiebreaker.


Ignore leading blanks.
Ignore capitalization.
Consider only printable characters.
Compare according to numerical value.
Reverse the result of comparisons.
Stabilize sort.


sort(1), xtract(1).

2020-04-28 NCBI