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CIT2PMID(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual CIT2PMID(1)


cit2pmid - find candidate NCBI PubMed identifiers for a citation


cit2pmid [-debug] [-strict] [-remote|-eutils|-local|-exact|-verify] [-asn file|-cit file] [-title|-TITL str] [-author|-FAUT|-LAUT str] [-journal|-JOUR str] [-year|-YEAR|-PDAT str] [-volume|-VOL str] [-issue|-ISS str] [-page[s]|-PAGE str]


cit2pmid tries to identify NCBI PubMed identifiers corresponding to a supplied citation. Some modes search an indexed local NCBI PubMed archive (as prepared by index-pubmed(1)).


Trace some aspects of execution.
Perform stricter matching (only in -local mode, at least for now).
Use nquire -citmatch remote service (default).
Use esearch remote service.
Use transmute -r2p (ref2pmid) for relaxed search with local archive.
Use phrase-search for strict matching with local archive.
Query against local archive with strict (but not -exact) matching then confirm positive candidates via citmatch.
Read NCBI Pub ASN.1 from file (- for standard input). Must be the only query specification.
Read CITATION XML from file (- for standard input). Must be the only query specification.
Article title; may need other fields to disambiguate, especially if incomplete.
Author name (last name, optionally followed by initials); may appear twice, for first and last authors. (Otherwise, taken to be first author only.)
Explicitly name first author.
Explicitly name last author.
Journal name.
Publication year.
Journal volume.
Journal issue.
Journal page, or hyphenated range.


Local archive directory to use. Expected to hold an absolute path; mandatory for any mode besides -remote and -eutils.


edict(1), esearch(1), fetch-pubmed(1), index-pubmed(1), nquire(1), phrase-search(1), ref2pmid(1), transmute(1).

2023-02-20 NCBI