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ARCHIVE-PMC(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual ARCHIVE-PMC(1)


archive-pmc - maintain a local NCBI PubMed Central archive


archive-pmc [[-]daily|[-][re]index] [[-]clean|[-]clear|[-]scrub] [[-]zap] [[-pathdir [[-temp|-work[ing]] dir]]


archive-pmc prepares a directory to hold a local PubMed Central archive, then downloads a full database dump from NCBI's servers, organizes the dump into an rchive(1) trie, and refreshes the versioned records.


Additionally produce or update an inverted index.
Fully reindex, complete with an inverted index.
Delete Indices contents and Increment files.
Delete Indices contents, Increment files, and Postings directories.
Delete entire archive.
Place the local archive in dir.
[-temp|-work[ing]] dir
Place intermediate subtrees in dir.


Local archive directory to use in the absence of -path. Expected to hold an absolute path; mandatory when not supplying a path on the command line.
Directory to hold intermediate subtrees in the absence of -temp|-work[ing]. Expected to hold an absolute path. Defaults to the primary local archive directory when not set.


archive-pubmed(1), download-pmc(1), fetch-pmc(1), rchive(1), xtract(1).

2023-02-25 NCBI