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MPATHPERSIST(8) System Manager's Manual MPATHPERSIST(8)


mpathpersist - Manages SCSI persistent reservations on dm multipath devices.


mpathpersist [OPTIONS] device


This utility is used to manage SCSI persistent reservations on Device Mapper Multipath devices. To be able to use this functionality, the reservation_key attribute must be defined in the /etc/multipath.conf file. Otherwise the multipathd daemon will not check for persistent reservation for newly discovered paths or reinstated paths.

mpathpersist supports the same command-line options as the sg_persist utility. Consult the sg_persist (8) manual page for an in-depth discussion of the various options.


-verbose|-v level
Critical messages.
Error messages.
Warning messages.
Informational messages.
Informational messages with trace enabled.
--device=DEVICE|-d DEVICE
Query or change DEVICE.
Output this usage message.
Output response in hex.
Request PR In command.
Request PR Out command.
PR Out parameter 'ALL_TG_PT'.
PR Out parameter 'APTPL'.
PR In: Read Keys.
--param-rk=RK|-K RK
PR Out parameter reservation key (RK is in hex, up to 8 bytes).
--param-sark=SARK|-S SARK
PR Out parameter service action reservation key (SARK is in hex).
PR Out: Preempt.
PR Out: Clear registrations.
PR Out: Preempt and Abort.
--prout-type=TYPE|-T TYPE
PR Out command type.
PR In: Read Full Status.
PR In: Read Keys.
PR In: Read Reservation.
PR Out: Register.
PR Out: Register and Ignore.
PR Out: Release.
PR In: Report Capabilities.
PR Out: Reserve.
--transport-id=TIDS|-X TIDS
TransportIDs can be mentioned in several forms.
--alloc-length=LEN|-l LEN
PR In: maximum allocation length. LEN is a decimal number between 0 and 8192.


Register the Service Action Reservation Key for the /dev/mapper/mpath9 device:
mpathpersist --out --register --param-sark=123abc --prout-type=5 /dev/mapper/mpath9
Read the Service Action Reservation Key for the /dev/mapper/mpath9 device:
mpathpersist -i -k /dev/mapper/mpath9
Reserve the Service Action Reservation Key for the /dev/mapper/mpath9 device:
mpathpersist --out --reserve --param-sark=123abc --prout-type=8 -d /dev/mapper/mpath9
Read the reservation status of the /dev/mapper/mpath9 device:
mpathpersist -i -s -d /dev/mapper/mpath9


multipath(8), multipathd(8), sg_persist(8).


multipath-tools was developed by Christophe Varoqui <> and others.
2016-10-30 Linux