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MP3RENAME(1) User Commands MP3RENAME(1)


mp3rename - rename mp3 files based on id3tags


mp3rename [OPTION ...] [FILE ...]


mp3rename is a small tool to rename badly named mp3 files.

The generated file name can be based on the id3tags, title, album, year, track and/or artist.


Force non id3 rename.
Verbose mode.
Display this help message.
Limit the file size to 32 chars.
Only show the id3tags.
Pad the track number with a leading zero when less than 10.
Ask everything for the id3tag.
Set the default look of the file. Available placeholders are:
Song title.
Album name.
Album year.
Track number.

The information is saved in ~/.mp3rename.


mp3rename -s '(&a)-&t-&b'

To rename files using the format (artist)-title-album.mp3.


mp3rename was written by Sander Janssen <>.

This manual page was generated by help2man and cleaned up by David da Silva Polverari <> for the Debian Project (but may be used by others).

2021-06-15 Debian GNU/Linux