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MOAR(1) MoarVM MOAR(1)


moar - a runtime for Raku


    moar --version
    moar [--dump] [--crash] [--libpath=...] [--full-cleanup] inputfile


"moar" is the binary of MoarVM, (short for Metamodel On A Runtime Virtual Machine). It can be used to execute ".moarvm" bytecode files.


moar respects the following environment variables:

Disables the just-in-time compiler (JIT). This is ignored if MoarVM was built without JIT support.
Disables the runtime bytecode specializer / optimizer.
Disables inlining of call frames inside the bytecode specializer.
Disables the on-stack replacement feature of the bytecode specializer.
Tells MoarVM to insert instrumentation to detect when a thread does a write to an object it didn't allocate and doesn't have a lock for.
Same as MVM_CROSS_THREAD_WRITE_LOG, except objects that are locked are included as well.


Please use the issue tracker at <> to report bugs.


Copyright (C) 2012-2014 by the MoarVM contributors. See the CREDITS file for a list of contributors.

License: Artistic License 2.0. See the file Artistic2.txt for more information.

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