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mini-buildd-api - Run API calls against a mini-buildd instance


usage: mini-buildd-api [-h] [--version]

[--auto-confirm] [--auto-save-passwords] <call> [options] ...

Run API calls against a mini-buildd instance


show this help message and exit
show program's version number and exit
set log level (default: INFO)
DEPRECATED (use --log-level): increase log level. Give twice for max logs (default: 0)
DEPRECATED (use --log-level): decrease log level. Give twice for min logs (default: 0)
use parsable json output (default: False)
force-bypass extra confirmation (for confirmable calls) (default: False)
don't ask before saving passwords (via python3-keyring) (default: False)

API calls (run 'mini-buildd-api <call> --help' for full single call help):

<call> [options]
Get the status of this instance
JSON Result:
* version
: mini-buildd's version.
* identity
: Instance identity.
* url
: Instance URL (HTTP).
* incoming_url: Incoming URL (currently FTP).
* load : Instance's (0 =< load <= 1). If negative, the instance is not powered on. * chroots : Active chroots. * remotes : Active or auto-reactivatable remotes. * [repositories: Simplified structural representation of all repositories]
Get public key
Get ASCII-armored GnuPG public key of this instance.
Used to sign the apt repositories (apt key) and for authorization across instances.
Get recommended dput config snippet
Usually, this is for integration in your personal ~/
.. tip:: Can I add a custom dput config snippet?
Just put your custom snippet in ``~mini-buildd/etc/``. If that file exists, it will be added to the output of :apicall:`dput_conf`.
Get sources.list (apt lines)
Usually, this output is put to a file like '/etc/sources.list.d/mini-buildd-xyz.list'.
List source package
Show source package
Compare two internal source packages .
Migrate source package
run for a rollback distribution, this will perform a rollback restore.
__plain__: string: textual migration log.
Remove source package
Removes a source package along with all its binary packages.
__plain__: string: textual removal log.
Port internal source package
will be adapted) rebuild of the given locally-installed package.
When from-distribution equals to_distribution, a rebuild will be done.
uploaded: list of triples of all items uploaded
Port external source package
will be adapted) rebuild of any given source package.
uploaded: list of triples of all items uploaded
Retry a previously failed source package
JSON Result:
* changes: Changes file that has been re-uploaded.
Cancel an ongoing package build Authorization: STAFF .
Set a user's GnuPG public key
Subscribe to (email) notifications
Unsubscribe from (email) notifications
Remake chroots
Run actions 'remove', 'prepare', 'check' and 'activate'.
Daemon will be stopped while running.
Power Daemon on or off (toggles by default)
This essentially stops accepting incoming, and forcibly stops any possibly running builds.
This state is *not persisted*. Please *deactivate* the Daemon instance via :mbdpage:`setup` to make the state persist over *mini-buildd service* restarts.
Wake a remote instance
Check if signed message matches a remote, reply our signed message on success
This is for internal use only.
Run a cron job now (out of schedule)
Get upload permissions for repositories
Get list of repository snapshots for a distribution
dict: <distribution>: [snasphot,...]: List of snapshots for the given distribution.
Create a repository snapshot
Delete a repository snapshot .
Make local partial repository mirror via :debpkg:`debmirror`
only certain repos, only ``stable``, omit rollbacks) variant of your repo somewhere remote.
.. error:: :debbug:`819925`: ``apt update`` fails on ``experimental`` suites (contents not mirrored)
``apt-file`` is installed. So, the easiest workaround is::
apt purge apt-file
Build keyring packages
.. tip:: **keyring-packages**: No compat for urold (``apt-key add``)
Since ``2.x``, keyring packages will use ``/etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/<foo>.gpg``, not deprecated ``apt-key add <foo>``.
In Debian, this is supported since ``wheezy (2013)``.
For distributions ``<= squeeze`` (apt versions ``~<= 0.8.x``), you would manually have to run ``apt-key add /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/<foo>.gpg`` after installation of the keyring package.
uploaded: list of triples of all items uploaded
Build test packages
uploaded: list of triples of all items uploaded
Create, update or inspect your setup
Daemon will be stopped while running, and started when finished (i.e., even if it was not running before).

Note: Uses ``python3-keyring`` to persist passwords (see ``man 1 keyring``)

November 2022 mini-buildd-api 1.9.111