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kaem(1) User Manuals kaem(1)


kaem - Like running with scissors but shell scripts without a shell


kaem [--file FILE --strict --verbose --nightmare-mode]


kaem exists to be the most minimal shell needed in the bootstrap processes; that has the ability to function as an init thus allowing the bootstrap to occur with only itself and a hex0 assembler as the only binaries running on the system.

At its core is read a line (except when the line is terminated with a '\', when it is read the next line too) and then collect the arguments into an array, lookup the program in the path provided by the name or if not found in the ENVIRONMENT and then execute the program with the specified options.

If no filename is passed, it then attempts to execute a file called; which is the standard name for kaem scripts. If you wish for kaem to stop when one of the lines throws or returns an error code, simply add --strict. If you wish to see what is being executed, simply add --verbose. If you hate dealing with an environment and want to eliminate it entirely --nightmare-mode.


Typically, kaem will be in running scripts used in bootstrapping
# kaem --verbose --strict
# kaem -f --nightmare-mode


kaem is compatible with all Turing complete machines; even the ones that try to be Turing complete -1


Jeremiah Orians <>


Copyright 2016-2019 Jeremiah Orians <>
License GPLv3+.


M1(1), hex2(1), blood-elf(1), get_machine(1), syscalls(2)

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