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synapse_port_db - A script to port an existing synapse SQLite database to a new PostgreSQL database.


synapse_port_db [-v] --sqlite-database=dbfile --postgres-config=yamlconfig [--curses] [--batch-size=batch-size]


synapse_port_db ports an existing synapse SQLite database to a new PostgreSQL database.

SQLite database is specified with --sqlite-database option and PostgreSQL configuration required to connect to PostgreSQL database is provided using --postgres-config configuration. The configuration is specified in YAML format.


Print log messages in debug level instead of info level.
The snapshot of the SQLite database file. This must not be currently used by a running synapse server.
The database config file for the PostgreSQL database.
Display a curses based progress UI.


The postgres configuration file must be a valid YAML file with the following options.

  • database: Database configuration section. This section header can be ignored and the options below may be specified as top level keys.
  • name: Connector to use when connecting to the database. This value must be psycopg2.
  • args: DB API 2.0 compatible arguments to send to the psycopg2 module.
  • dbname - the database name
  • user - user name used to authenticate
  • password - password used to authenticate
  • host - database host address (defaults to UNIX socket if not provided)
  • port - connection port number (defaults to 5432 if not provided)

synchronous_commit: Optional. Default is True. If the value is False, enable asynchronous commit and don´t wait for the server to call fsync before ending the transaction. See:

Following example illustrates the configuration file format.


name: psycopg2
dbname: synapsedb
user: synapseuser
password: ORohmi9Eet=ohphi
host: localhost
synchronous_commit: false


This man page was written by Sunil Mohan Adapa <> for Debian GNU/Linux distribution.


synctl(1), hash_password(1), register_new_matrix_user(1)

February 2017