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ARIA_PACK(1) User Commands ARIA_PACK(1)


aria_pack - generate compressed, read-only Aria tables


aria_pack [OPTIONS] filename...


Pack a Aria-table to take much less space. Keys are not updated, you must run aria_chk -rq on the index (.MAI) file afterwards to update the keys. You should give the .MAI file as the filename argument. To unpack a packed table, run aria_chk -u on the table

Make a backup of the table as table_name.OLD.
Directory where character sets are.
-#, --debug[=name]
Output debug log. Often this is 'd:t:o,filename'.
Force packing of table even if it gets bigger or if tempfile exists.
Join all given tables into 'new_table_name'. All tables MUST have identical layouts.
-?, --help
Display this help and exit.
Be more silent.
Use temporary directory to store temporary table.
Don't pack table, only test packing it.
Write info about progress and packing result. Use many -v for more verbosity!
Output version information and exit.
Wait and retry if table is in use.

Default options are read from the following files in the given order: /etc/my.cnf /etc/mysql/my.cnf ~/.my.cnf

The following groups are read: ariapack

The following options may be given as the first argument:

Print the program argument list and exit.
Don't read default options from any option file.
Only read default options from the given file #.
Read this file after the global files are read.



For more information, please refer to the MariaDB Knowledge Base, available online at

May 2014 aria_pack Ver 1.0