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LV-TOOL-0.4(1) User Commands LV-TOOL-0.4(1)


lv-tool-0.4 - Command-line tool to interact with Libvisual


lv-tool-0.4 [options]


Valid options:

This help text
List of installed plugins + information
Print version and exit
Increase log verbosity (may be used multiple times)
Request dimensions from display driver (no guarantee) [640x480]
Set output colour depth (automatic by default)
Use this input plugin [debug]
Use this actor plugin [lv_gltest/lv_scope]
Set random seed
Limit output to n frames per second (if display driver supports it) [60]
Output n frames, then exit.
Switch actor after n frames.
Provide a list of actors to exclude.
March 2023 lv-tool-0.4 0.4.2