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TDB(3) Linux Programmer's Manual TDB(3)


tdb - trivial database


A database similar to gdbm which allows multiple simultaneous writers.


This is a simple database API. It was inspired by the realisation that in Samba we have several ad-hoc bits of code that essentially implement small databases for sharing structures between parts of Samba. As I was about to add another I realised that a generic database module was called for to replace all the ad-hoc bits.

I based the interface on gdbm. I couldn't use gdbm as we need to be able to have multiple writers to the databases at one time.


Software: Andrew Tridgell <> and Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton Man page: Ben Woodard <>


gdbm(3), tdb_open(3), tdb_close(3), tdb_delete(3), tdb_error(3), tdb_exists(3), tdb_fetch(3), tdb_firstkey(3), tdb_store(3), tdb_traverse(3), tdb_lockall(3), tdb_lockkeys(3), tdb_chainlock(3)

August 16, 2000 Samba