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ADDLD.1(1) General Commands Manual ADDLD.1(1)


addld - Lexicon & Dictionary module creation tool for SWORD Project


addld -a FILE key [PATH] addld -d FILE key addld -l FILE target_key link_name addld -c FILE


A command line utility to create and manipule Lexicon & Dictionary SWORD modules. It can be used to add, delete and link L&D keys within module. It can also be used to create new L&D modules.

The form is used to add a key to a L&D module. Optionally path can be used to the file with the entry.
This form is used to delete a key from a file.
This form is used to link two keys in the module.
This is used to create a new module


To use 4-byte L&D instead of 2-byte, insert a 4 immediately after the '-'.

To use zLD instead of 2-byte, insert a z immediately after the '-'.


This manual page was written by Dmitrijs Ledkovs <> for Debian project but may be used by others.