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std::weak_ptr< _Tp >(3cxx) std::weak_ptr< _Tp >(3cxx)


std::weak_ptr< _Tp > - A smart pointer with weak semantics.


Inherits std::__weak_ptr< _Tp, _Lp >.

Public Types

using element_type = typename remove_extent< _Tp >::type

Public Member Functions

template<typename _Yp , typename = _Constructible<const shared_ptr<_Yp>&>> weak_ptr (const shared_ptr< _Yp > &__r) noexcept
weak_ptr (const weak_ptr &) noexcept=default
template<typename _Yp , typename = _Constructible<const weak_ptr<_Yp>&>> weak_ptr (const weak_ptr< _Yp > &__r) noexcept
weak_ptr (weak_ptr &&) noexcept=default
template<typename _Yp , typename = _Constructible<weak_ptr<_Yp>>> weak_ptr (weak_ptr< _Yp > &&__r) noexcept
bool expired () const noexcept
shared_ptr< _Tp > lock () const noexcept
weak_ptr & operator= (const weak_ptr &__r) noexcept=default
template<typename _Yp > _Assignable< const weak_ptr< _Yp > & > operator= (const weak_ptr< _Yp > &__r) noexcept
template<typename _Yp > _Assignable< const shared_ptr< _Yp > & > operator= (const shared_ptr< _Yp > &__r) noexcept
weak_ptr & operator= (weak_ptr &&__r) noexcept=default
template<typename _Yp > _Assignable< weak_ptr< _Yp > > operator= (weak_ptr< _Yp > &&__r) noexcept
template<typename _Tp1 > bool owner_before (const __shared_ptr< _Tp1, _Lp > &__rhs) const
template<typename _Tp1 > bool owner_before (const __weak_ptr< _Tp1, _Lp > &__rhs) const
void reset () noexcept
void swap (__weak_ptr &__s) noexcept
long use_count () const noexcept

Detailed Description

template<typename _Tp>

class std::weak_ptr< _Tp >" A smart pointer with weak semantics.

With forwarding constructors and assignment operators.

Definition at line 520 of file bits/shared_ptr.h.


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