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__gnu_cxx::_Char_types< _CharT >(3cxx) __gnu_cxx::_Char_types< _CharT >(3cxx)


__gnu_cxx::_Char_types< _CharT > - Mapping from character type to associated types.


#include <char_traits.h>

Public Types

typedef unsigned long int_type
typedef std::streamoff off_type
typedef std::streampos pos_type
typedef std::mbstate_t state_type

Detailed Description

template<typename _CharT>

struct __gnu_cxx::_Char_types< _CharT >"Mapping from character type to associated types.


This is an implementation class for the generic version of char_traits. It defines int_type, off_type, pos_type, and state_type. By default these are unsigned long, streamoff, streampos, and mbstate_t. Users who need a different set of types, but who don't need to change the definitions of any function defined in char_traits, can specialize __gnu_cxx::_Char_types while leaving __gnu_cxx::char_traits alone.


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