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std::experimental::parallelism_v2::simd_abi::deduce< _Tp, _Np,... >(3cxx) std::experimental::parallelism_v2::simd_abi::deduce< _Tp, _Np,... >(3cxx)


std::experimental::parallelism_v2::simd_abi::deduce< _Tp, _Np,... >


Inherits std::experimental::parallelism_v2::__deduce_impl< _Tp, _Np, typename >.

Detailed Description

template<typename _Tp, size_t _Np, typename...>

struct std::experimental::parallelism_v2::simd_abi::deduce< _Tp, _Np,... >"

Template Parameters

_Tp The requested value_type for the elements.
_Np The requested number of elements.
_Abis This parameter is ignored, since this implementation cannot make any use of it. Either __a good native ABI is matched and used as type alias, or the fixed_size<_Np> ABI is used, which internally is built from the best matching native ABIs.

Definition at line 2729 of file simd.h.


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