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rpma_atomic_write(3) RPMA Programmer's Manual rpma_atomic_write(3)


rpma_atomic_write -- initiate the atomic 8 bytes write operation


#include <librpma.h>
struct rpma_conn;
struct rpma_mr_remote;
int rpma_atomic_write(struct rpma_conn *conn,
struct rpma_mr_remote *dst, size_t dst_offset,
const char src[8], int flags, const void *op_context);


rpma_atomic_write() initiates the atomic 8 bytes write operation (transferring data from the local memory to the remote memory). The atomic write operation allows transferring exactly 8 bytes of data and storing them atomically in the remote memory.

The attribute flags set the completion notification indicator:

  • RPMA_F_COMPLETION_ON_ERROR - generate the completion on error
  • RPMA_F_COMPLETION_ALWAYS - generate the completion regardless of result of the operation.

op_context is returned in the wr_id field of the completion (struct ibv_wc).


The rpma_atomic_write() function returns 0 on success or a negative error code on failure.


rpma_atomic_write() can fail with the following errors:

  • RPMA_E_INVAL - conn, dst or src is NULL
  • RPMA_E_INVAL - dst_offset is not aligned to 8 bytes
  • RPMA_E_INVAL - flags are not set (flags == 0)
  • RPMA_E_PROVIDER - ibv_post_send(3) failed


rpma_conn_req_connect(3), rpma_mr_reg(3), rpma_mr_remote_from_descriptor(3), librpma(7) and

29 May 2023 RPMA