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librem5-flash-image - Image flashing tool for Librem 5 devices


usage: librem5-flash-image [-h] [--dir DIR] [--dist DIST] [--skip-cleanup]

[--download-attempts DOWNLOAD_ATTEMPTS] [--variant {plain,luks}] [--board {devkit,librem5r2,librem5r3,librem5r4}] [--debug] [--image-job IMAGE_JOB] [--uboot-job UBOOT_JOB] [--udev]

Flash a Librem 5 or Librem 5 Devkit.

optional arguments:

show this help message and exit
Download files to dir (instead of a temporary directory)
Download an image for this distribution, default is 'amber-phone'
Skip temporary directory cleanup
Do all the preparations but don't flash
Maximum number of attempts to resume image download. 0: unlimited, default is 10
Image variant to download ( plain, luks ), default is 'plain'
Type of the board to download ( devkit, librem5r2, librem5r3, librem5r4 ) default is 'auto'

Testing and debugging options:

Enable debug output
Jenkins job to download the image from
Jenkins job to download the uboot from

Initial setup options:

Setup udev rules to flash without root permissions
July 2021 librem5-flash-image 0.0+git20210714