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QwtPolarMagnifier(3) Qwt User's Guide QwtPolarMagnifier(3)


QwtPolarMagnifier - QwtPolarMagnifier provides zooming, by magnifying in steps.


#include <qwt_polar_magnifier.h>

Inherits QwtMagnifier.

Public Slots

virtual void rescale (double factor) override
void unzoom ()
Unzoom the plot widget.

Public Member Functions

QwtPolarMagnifier (QwtPolarCanvas *)
virtual ~QwtPolarMagnifier ()
Destructor. void setUnzoomKey (int key, int modifiers)
void getUnzoomKey (int &key, int &modifiers) const
QwtPolarPlot * plot ()
const QwtPolarPlot * plot () const
QwtPolarCanvas * canvas ()
const QwtPolarCanvas * canvas () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void widgetKeyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *) override

Detailed Description

QwtPolarMagnifier provides zooming, by magnifying in steps.

Using QwtPlotMagnifier a plot can be zoomed in/out in steps using keys, the mouse wheel or moving a mouse button in vertical direction.

Together with QwtPolarPanner it is possible to implement an individual navigation of the plot canvas.

See also

QwtPolarPanner, QwtPolarPlot, QwtPolarCanvas

Definition at line 30 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtPolarMagnifier::QwtPolarMagnifier (QwtPolarCanvas * canvas) [explicit]



canvas Plot canvas to be magnified

Definition at line 34 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QwtPolarCanvas * QwtPolarMagnifier::canvas ()


Observed plot canvas

Definition at line 74 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.cpp.

const QwtPolarCanvas * QwtPolarMagnifier::canvas () const


Observed plot canvas

Definition at line 80 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.cpp.

void QwtPolarMagnifier::getUnzoomKey (int & key, int & modifiers) const


Key, and modifiers that are used for unzooming


key Key code
modifiers Modifiers

See also

setUnzoomKey(), QwtPolarPlot::unzoom()

Definition at line 67 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.cpp.

QwtPolarPlot * QwtPolarMagnifier::plot ()


Observed plot

Definition at line 86 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.cpp.

const QwtPolarPlot * QwtPolarMagnifier::plot () const


observed plot

Definition at line 96 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.cpp.

void QwtPolarMagnifier::rescale (double factor) [override], [virtual], [slot]

Zoom in/out the zoomed area


factor A value < 1.0 zooms in, a value > 1.0 zooms out.

Definition at line 129 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.cpp.

void QwtPolarMagnifier::setUnzoomKey (int key, int modifiers)

Assign key and modifiers, that are used for unzooming The default combination is Qt::Key_Home + Qt::NoModifier.


key Key code
modifiers Modifiers

See also

getUnzoomKey(), QwtPolarPlot::unzoom()

Definition at line 54 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.cpp.

void QwtPolarMagnifier::widgetKeyPressEvent (QKeyEvent * event) [override], [protected], [virtual]

Handle a key press event for the observed widget.


event Key event

Reimplemented from QwtMagnifier.

Definition at line 110 of file qwt_polar_magnifier.cpp.


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