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QwtPickerMachine(3) Qwt User's Guide QwtPickerMachine(3)


QwtPickerMachine - A state machine for QwtPicker selections.


#include <qwt_picker_machine.h>

Inherited by QwtPickerClickPointMachine, QwtPickerClickRectMachine, QwtPickerDragLineMachine, QwtPickerDragPointMachine, QwtPickerDragRectMachine, QwtPickerPolygonMachine, and QwtPickerTrackerMachine.

Public Types

enum SelectionType { NoSelection = -1, PointSelection, RectSelection, PolygonSelection }
enum Command { Begin, Append, Move, Remove, End }
Commands - the output of a state machine.

Public Member Functions

QwtPickerMachine (SelectionType)
Constructor. virtual ~QwtPickerMachine ()
Destructor. virtual QList< Command > transition (const QwtEventPattern &, const QEvent *)=0
Transition. void reset ()
Set the current state to 0. int state () const
Return the current state. void setState (int)
Change the current state. SelectionType selectionType () const
Return the selection type.

Detailed Description

A state machine for QwtPicker selections.

QwtPickerMachine accepts key and mouse events and translates them into selection commands.

See also

QwtEventPattern::MousePatternCode, QwtEventPattern::KeyPatternCode

Definition at line 28 of file qwt_picker_machine.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QwtPickerMachine::SelectionType

Type of a selection.

See also



The state machine not usable for any type of selection.
The state machine is for selecting a single point.
The state machine is for selecting a rectangle (2 points).
The state machine is for selecting a polygon (many points).

Definition at line 35 of file qwt_picker_machine.h.


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