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QwtPickerDragLineMachine(3) Qwt User's Guide QwtPickerDragLineMachine(3)


QwtPickerDragLineMachine - A state machine for line selections.


#include <qwt_picker_machine.h>

Inherits QwtPickerMachine.

Public Member Functions

QwtPickerDragLineMachine ()
Constructor. virtual QList< Command > transition (const QwtEventPattern &, const QEvent *) override

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

A state machine for line selections.

Pressing QwtEventPattern::MouseSelect1 selects the first point, releasing it the second point. Pressing QwtEventPattern::KeySelect1 also selects the first point, a second press selects the second point and terminates the selection.

A common use case of QwtPickerDragLineMachine are pickers for distance measurements.

See also

QwtEventPattern::MousePatternCode, QwtEventPattern::KeyPatternCode

Definition at line 185 of file qwt_picker_machine.h.


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