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QB_LOG_FORMAT_SET(3) libqb Programmer's Manual QB_LOG_FORMAT_SET(3)


qb_log_format_set - Set the format specifiers.


#include <qb/qblog.h>

void qb_log_format_set(

int32_t t,
const char *format );


n FUNCTION NAME f FILENAME l FILELINE p PRIORITY t TIMESTAMP T TIMESTAMP with milliseconds b BUFFER g TAGS N name (passed into qb_log_init) P PID H hostname

Any number between % and character specify field length to pad or chop.


Some of the fields are immediately evaluated and remembered for performance reasons, so whenlog messages carry PIDs (not the default) this function needs to be reinvoked following () in the respective children. When already linking with , callback registration could be useful.


qb_log_filter_fn_set(3), qb_log_thread_start(3), qb_log_target_user_data_get(3), qb_log_tags_stringify_fn_set(3), qb_log_file_reopen(3), qb_log_fini(3), qb_log_callsites_dump(3), qb_log_ctl2(3), qb_log_target_user_data_set(3), qb_log_target_format(3), qb_log_thread_priority_set(3), qb_log_facility2int(3), qb_log_callsites_register(3), qb_log_filter_ctl2(3), qb_log_file_close(3), qb_log_real_(3), qb_log_from_external_source_va(3), qb_log_callsite_get(3), qb_log_blackbox_write_to_file(3), qb_log_real_va_(3), qb_log_from_external_source(3), qb_log_blackbox_print_from_file(3), qb_log_facility2str(3), qb_log_ctl(3), qb_log_filter_ctl(3), qb_log_custom_close(3), qb_log_init(3), qb_log_file_open(3), qb_log_custom_open(3)


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