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PMEM2_MAP_DELETE(3) PMDK Programmer's Manual PMEM2_MAP_DELETE(3)


pmem2_map_delete() - deletes a mapping


#include <libpmem2.h>
int pmem2_map_delete(struct pmem2_map **map_ptr);



The pmem2_map_delete() function deletes the mapping described by the struct pmem2_map object.

If pmem2_map_delete() succeeds in deleting the mapping, it releases the struct pmem2_map object describing it and writes a NULL value to map_ptr. If the function fails, the map_ptr variable and the map object itself are left unmodified and appropriate error value is returned. For a list of possible return values please see RETURN VALUE.

The pmem2_map_delete() function will not unmap mapping provided by the user by pmem2_map_from_existing() function. In such case it will only free struct pmem2_map object.


The pmem2_map_delete() function returns 0 on success or a negative error code on failure.


The pmem2_map_delete() can fail with the following errors:
PMEM2_E_MAPPING_NOT_FOUND - mapping was not found (it was already unmapped or pmem2_map state was corrupted)

On systems other than Windows it can also return -EINVAL from the underlying munmap(2) function.


pmem2_map_new(3), libpmem2(7) and <>
2020-10-16 PMDK - pmem2 API version 1.0