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PMEM2_ERRORMSG(3) PMDK Programmer's Manual PMEM2_ERRORMSG(3)


pmem2_errormsg() - returns last error message


#include <libpmem2.h>
const char *pmem2_errormsg(void);



If an error is detected during the call to a libpmem2(7) function, the application may retrieve an error message describing the reason of the failure from pmem2_errormsg(). The error message buffer is thread-local; errors encountered in one thread do not affect its value in other threads. The buffer is never cleared by any library function; its content is significant only when the return value of the immediately preceding call to a libpmem2(7) function indicated an error. The application must not modify or free the error message string. Subsequent calls to other library functions may modify the previous message.


The pmem2_errormsg() function returns a pointer to a static buffer containing the last error message logged for the current thread. If errno was set, the error message may include a description of the corresponding error code as returned by strerror(3).


strerror(3), libpmem2(7) and <>
2020-10-16 PMDK - pmem2 API version 1.0