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PMEM2_CONFIG_NEW(3) PMDK Programmer's Manual PMEM2_CONFIG_NEW(3)


pmem2_config_new(), pmem2_config_delete() - allocate and free a configuration structure for a libpmem2 mapping


#include <libpmem2.h>
struct pmem2_config;
int pmem2_config_new(struct pmem2_config **cfg);
int pmem2_config_delete(struct pmem2_config **cfg);



The pmem2_config_new() function instantiates a new (opaque) configuration structure, pmem2_config, which is used to define mapping parameters for a pmem2_map_new() function, and returns it through the pointer in *cfg.

New configuration is always initialized with default values for most parameters, which are specified alongside the corresponding setter function. The application must explicitly set the granularity value for the mapping.

The pmem2_config_delete() function frees *cfg returned by pmem2_config_new() and sets *cfg to NULL. If *cfg is NULL, no operation is performed.


The pmem2_config_new() function returns 0 on success or a negative error code on failure. pmem2_config_new() does set *cfg to NULL on failure.

The pmem2_config_delete() function always returns 0.


pmem2_config_new() can fail with the following error: - -ENOMEM - out of memory


errno(3), pmem2_map_new(3), pmem2_config_set_handle(3), pmem2_config_set_fd(3), pmem2_config_get_file_size(3), libpmem2(7) and <>
2020-10-16 PMDK - pmem2 API version 1.0