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notcurses_reel(3) notcurses_reel(3)


notcurses_reel - high-level widget for hierarchical data


#include <notcurses/notcurses.h>

#define NCREEL_OPTION_CIRCULAR       0x0002
struct ncreel;
struct nctablet;
typedef struct ncreel_options {
  // notcurses can draw a border around the ncreel, and also
  // around the component tablets. inhibit borders by setting all
  // valid bits in the masks. partially inhibit borders by setting
  // individual bits in the masks. the appropriate attr and pair
  // values will be used to style the borders. focused and
  // non-focused tablets can have different styles. you can instead
  // draw your own borders, or forgo borders entirely.
  unsigned bordermask; // bitfield; 1s will not be drawn
  uint64_t borderchan; // attributes used for ncreel border
  unsigned tabletmask; // bitfield for tablet borders
  uint64_t tabletchan; // tablet border styling channel
  uint64_t focusedchan;// focused tablet border styling channel
  uint64_t flags;      // bitfield over NCREEL_OPTION_*
} ncreel_options;


struct ncreel* ncreel_create(struct ncplane* nc, const ncreel_options* popts);

struct ncplane* ncreel_plane(struct ncreel* nr);

typedef int (tabletcb)(struct nctablet t, bool cliptop);

struct nctablet* ncreel_add(struct ncreel* nr, struct nctablet* after, struct nctablet* before, tabletcb cb, void* opaque);

int ncreel_tabletcount(const struct ncreel* nr);

int ncreel_del(struct ncreel* nr, struct nctablet* t);

int ncreel_redraw(struct ncreel* nr);

struct nctablet* ncreel_focused(struct ncreel* nr);

struct nctablet* ncreel_next(struct ncreel* nr);

struct nctablet* ncreel_prev(struct ncreel* nr);

void ncreel_destroy(struct ncreel* nr);

void* nctablet_userptr(struct nctablet* t);

struct ncplane* nctablet_plane(struct nctablet* t);


An ncreel is a widget for display and manipulation of hierarchal data, intended to make effective use of the display area while supporting keyboards, mice, and haptic interfaces. A series of nctablets are ordered on a virtual cylinder; the tablets can grow and shrink freely, while moving among the tablets “spins” the cylinder. ncreels support optional borders around the reel and/or tablets.

ncreel_redraw arranges the tablets, invoking the tabletcb defined by each. It will invoke the callbacks of only those tablets currently visible. This function ought be called whenever the data within a tablet need be refreshed. The return value of this callback is the number of lines drawn into the ncplane. The tablet will be grown or shrunk as necessary to reflect this return value.

Unless the reel is devoid of tablets, there is always a “focused” tablet (the first tablet added to an empty reel becomes focused). The focused tablet can change via ncreel_next and ncreel_prev. If ncreel_del is called on the focused tablet, and at least one other tablet remains, some tablet receives the focus.



notcurses(3), notcurses_plane(3)


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