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notcurses_capabilities(3) notcurses_capabilities(3)


notcurses_capabilities - runtime capability detection


#include <notcurses/notcurses.h>

unsigned notcurses_supported_styles(const struct notcurses* nc);

unsigned notcurses_palette_size(const struct notcurses* nc);

bool notcurses_cantruecolor(const struct notcurses* nc);

bool notcurses_canfade(const struct notcurses* nc);

bool notcurses_canchangecolor(const struct notcurses* nc);

bool notcurses_canopen_images(const struct notcurses* nc);

bool notcurses_canopen_videos(const struct notcurses* nc);

bool notcurses_canutf8(const struct notcurses* nc);

bool notcurses_cansixel(const struct notcurses* nc);


notcurses_supported_styles returns a bitmask representing those styles for which the terminal advertises support.

notcurses_palette_size returns the size of the terminal’s palette, used for palette-indexed color. It will always return at least 1. This is independent of RGB TrueColor support. No terminal is know to support more than 256-indexed color.

notcurses_cantruecolor returns true if the terminal advertises support for RGB TrueColor. Note that the RGB APIs of Notcurses can be used even in the absence of terminal RGB support (Notcurses will map the RGB values to the palette).

notcurses_canfade returns true if Notcurses has a means by which it can effect fades.

notcurses_canchangecolor returns true if the terminal advertises support for changing its palette entries.

notcurses_canopen_images returns true if Notcurses was built with multimedia support.

notcurses_canopen_video returns true if Notcurses was built with multimedia support capable of decoding videos.

notcurses_canutf8 returns true if the configured locale uses UTF-8 encoding, and the locale was successfully loaded.

notcurses_cansixel returns true if the terminal advertises support for Sixel, and Notcurses has been built with Sixel support.


Notcurses does not yet have Sixel support, and thus notcurses_cansixel will always return false.


Some terminals advertise support for TrueColor, but then downsample or otherwise degrade the provided RGB. In this case notcurses_cantruecolor will return true, but the full spectrum will not be available.



notcurses(3), utf8(7)


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