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LIBMTP_filesampledata_struct(3) libmtp LIBMTP_filesampledata_struct(3)


libmtp -


#include <libmtp.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t width
uint32_t height
uint32_t duration
LIBMTP_filetype_t filetype
uint64_t size
char * data

Detailed Description

LIBMTP Object RepresentativeSampleData Structure

Field Documentation

char* LIBMTP_filesampledata_struct::data

Sample data

Referenced by LIBMTP_destroy_filesampledata_t().

uint32_t LIBMTP_filesampledata_struct::duration

Duration in milliseconds if it is audio

LIBMTP_filetype_t LIBMTP_filesampledata_struct::filetype

Filetype used for the sample

uint32_t LIBMTP_filesampledata_struct::height

Height of sample if it is an image

Referenced by LIBMTP_new_filesampledata_t().

uint64_t LIBMTP_filesampledata_struct::size

Size of sample data in bytes

uint32_t LIBMTP_filesampledata_struct::width

Width of sample if it is an image


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