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LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct(3) libmtp LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct(3)


libmtp -


#include <libmtp.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t id
uint16_t StorageType
uint16_t FilesystemType
uint16_t AccessCapability
uint64_t MaxCapacity
uint64_t FreeSpaceInBytes
uint64_t FreeSpaceInObjects
char * StorageDescription
char * VolumeIdentifier
LIBMTP_devicestorage_t * next
LIBMTP_devicestorage_t * prev

Detailed Description

LIBMTP Device Storage structure

detect.c, files.c, folders.c, sendtr.c, and tracks.c.

Field Documentation

uint16_t LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::AccessCapability

Access capability

uint16_t LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::FilesystemType

Filesystem type

uint64_t LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::FreeSpaceInBytes

Free space in bytes

uint64_t LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::FreeSpaceInObjects

Free space in objects

uint32_t LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::id

Unique ID for this storage

detect.c, files.c, folders.c, sendtr.c, and tracks.c.

uint64_t LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::MaxCapacity

Maximum capability

LIBMTP_devicestorage_t* LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::next

Next storage, follow this link until NULL

detect.c, files.c, folders.c, sendtr.c, and tracks.c.

LIBMTP_devicestorage_t* LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::prev

Previous storage

char* LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::StorageDescription

A brief description of this storage

folders.c, and sendtr.c.

uint16_t LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::StorageType

Storage type

char* LIBMTP_devicestorage_struct::VolumeIdentifier

A volume identifier


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