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MSHRABLE(1) General Commands Manual MSHRABLE(1)


mshrable — Generate mesh from surface file


mshrable [-f FILE]


mshrable generates a mesh from a surface file. It uses mshr, which is the mesh generation component of FEniCS. It generates simplicial DOLFIN meshes in 2D and 3D from geometries described by Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) or from surface files, utilizing CGAL and Tetgen as mesh generation backends.


Filename of generated Dolfin mesh.

Resolution of result mesh.

Write some statistics of the mesh to stdout.

Write the polyhedron to .poly which Tetgen can read (and do not create a mesh).

Write statistics of polyhedron (and do not create a mesh).

Use 3D mesh generation backend [tetgen|cgal].

Tolerance for considering a facet as degenerate. Set to 0 to not remove degenerate facets.

Check consistency of output mesh (most for debugging/testing.

Output more information about what is going on.

write help message.


dolfin-convert (1), dolfin-order (1)


mshrable was written by Benjamin Kehlet This man page was written by Drew Parsons