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VDM_FLUSH(3) MINIASYNC Programmer's Manual VDM_FLUSH(3)


vdm_flush() - create a new flush virtual data mover operation structure


#include <libminiasync.h>
struct vdm_operation_output_flush {

uint64_t unused; }; FUTURE(vdm_operation_future,
struct vdm_operation_data, struct vdm_operation_output); struct vdm_operation_future vdm_flush(struct vdm *vdm, void *dest, size_t n, uint64_t flags);

For general description of virtual data mover API, see miniasync_vdm(7).


vdm_flush() initializes and returns a new flush future based on the virtual data mover implementation instance vdm. The parameters: dest, n are standard flush parameters. The flags represents data mover specific flags. The flush operation is implemented only for the DML data mover and cannot be used with synchronous and thread data movers.

Flush future obtained using vdm_flush() will attempt to flush the n bytes of the processor caches at the dest address when its polled.


The vdm_flush() function returns an initialized struct vdm_operation_future flush future.


vdm_memcpy(3), vdm_memmove(3), vdm_memset(3), miniasync(7), miniasync_vdm(7), miniasync_vdm_dml(7) and <>

2022-09-04 MINIASYNC - miniasync version 0.2.1