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mysql_fetch_row(3) MariaDB Connector/C mysql_fetch_row(3)


mysql_fetch_row - fetches row of data from result set


#include <mysql.h>
MYSQL_ROW mysql_fetch_row(MYSQL_RES * result);


Fetches one row of data from the result set and returns it as an array of char pointers (MYSQL_ROW), where each column is stored in an offset starting from 0 (zero). Each subsequent call to this function will return the next row within the result set, or NULL if there are no more rows.


result - a result set identifier returned by mysql_store_result(3) or mysql_use_result(3).


If a column contains a NULL value the corresponding char pointer will be set to NULL.
Memory associated to MYSQL_ROW will be freed when calling mysql_free_result(3) function.

Return value

A MYSQL_ROW structure (array of character pointers) representing the data of the current row. If there are no more rows available NULLwill be returned.

See also

Version 3.3.1