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log4tango::Level(3) log4tango log4tango::Level(3)




#include <Level.hh>

Public Types

enum LevelLevel { OFF = 100, FATAL = 200, ERROR = 300, WARN = 400, INFO = 500, DEBUG = 600 }
Levels of Priorities. typedef int Value
The type of Level Values.

Static Public Member Functions

static const std::string & get_name (Value level)
Returns the name of the given level value. static Value get_value (const std::string &level_name)
Returns the value of the given level name.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef int log4tango::Level::Value

The type of Level Values.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum log4tango::Level::LevelLevel

Levels of Priorities.


Member Function Documentation

const std::string & log4tango::Level::get_name (Value level) [static]

Returns the name of the given level value. Currently, if the value is not one of the LevelLevel values, the method returns the name of the largest level smaller the given value.


level the numeric value of the level.


a string representing the name of the level.

Level::Value log4tango::Level::get_value (const std::string & level_name) [static]

Returns the value of the given level name. This can be either one of 'OFF', 'ERRROR', ... or a decimal string representation of the value, e.g. '500' for DEBUG.


level_name the string containing the the of the level


the value corresponding with the level name


std::invalid_argument if the level_name does not correspond with a known Level name or a number


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