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log4tango::LayoutAppender(3) log4tango log4tango::LayoutAppender(3)




#include <LayoutAppender.hh>

Inherits log4tango::Appender.

Inherited by log4tango::FileAppender, and log4tango::OstreamAppender.

Public Types

typedef Layout DefaultLayoutType

Public Member Functions

LayoutAppender (const std::string &name)
virtual ~LayoutAppender ()
virtual bool requires_layout () const
Check if the appender uses a layout. virtual void set_layout (Layout *layout=0)
Change the layout.

Protected Member Functions

Layout & get_layout ()

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Layout log4tango::LayoutAppender::DefaultLayoutType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

log4tango::LayoutAppender::LayoutAppender (const std::string & name)

log4tango::LayoutAppender::~LayoutAppender () [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

Layout & log4tango::LayoutAppender::get_layout (void) [protected]

bool log4tango::LayoutAppender::requires_layout () const [virtual]

Check if the appender uses a layout.


true if the appender implementation requires a layout.

Implements log4tango::Appender.

void log4tango::LayoutAppender::set_layout (Layout * layout = 0) [virtual]

Change the layout.

Implements log4tango::Appender.


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