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libinput-analyze-per-slot-delta(1) General Commands Manual libinput-analyze-per-slot-delta(1)


libinput-analyze-per-slot-delta - analyze the per-event delta movement for touch slots


libinput analyze per-slot-delta [--help] [options] recording.yml


The libinput analyze per-slot-delta tool analyzes a recording made with libinput record and prints the delta movement per touch slot.

This is a debugging tool only, its output may change at any time. Do not rely on the output.


Print help
Ignore any movement below the given threshold. The threshold is in mm if --use-mm is selected or in device units otherwise.
Color any movement above this threshold in red. The threshold is in mm if --use-mm is selected or in device units otherwise.
Print data in mm instead of device units
Use the single-touch ABS_X/ABS_Y instead of the multitouch axes
Print absolute coordinates, not deltas


An example output for a single finger touch on a touchpad supporting two slots is below. This output is with the use of the --use-mm flag.

0.000000 +0ms TOU: ++++++ | ************* |
0.021900 +21ms TOU: →↘ +1.10/+0.14 | ************* |
0.033468 +11ms TOU: →↘ +1.15/+0.19 | ************* |
0.043856 +10ms TOU: →↘ +1.76/+0.22 | ************* |
0.053237 +9ms TOU: →↘ +2.20/+0.19 | ************* |

The entry ++++++ indicates a finger has been put down, ------ indicates the finger has lifted. The left-most column is the absolute timestamp in seconds.microseconds followed by the relative time of the event to the previous event.

The word TOU in this example represents BTN_TOUCH, similar abbreviations exist for BTN_TOOL_DOUBLETAP, BTN_TOOL_TRIPLETAP, BTN_TOOL_QUADTAP, and BTN_TOOL_QUINTTAP.

The arrows indicate the approximate direction on a 16-point compass, in this example EastSouthEast.

Each multitouch slot supported by the hardware has one column, where the column shows asterisk ******** no finger is down for that slot. Where the column shows spaces only, a finger is down but no data is currently available.

In the above example, the third events occurs ~33ms into the recording, is 11ms after the previous event and has an east south-east direction. The movement for this event was x: 1.15 and y: 0.19 mm. A second finger is not currently down.


Part of the libinput(1) suite