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gensio_os_funcs(3) Library Functions Manual gensio_os_funcs(3)


gensio_os_funcs - Abstraction for some operating system functions used by the gensio library


#include <gensio/gensio_os_funcs.h>

struct gensio_os_funcs {}

int gensio_default_os_hnd(int wake_sig, struct gensio_os_funcs *o)


This structure provides an abstraction for the gensio library that lets it work with various event libraries. It provides the following basic functions:
memory allocation - Allocate and free memory.
mutexes - Provide mutual exclusion.
file handler callbacks - Allows file descriptors to be monitored
and report when I/O is ready on them.
timers - Call callbacks after a certain amount of time has elapsed.
runners - Run a function in a new execution context. Calling callbacks
straight from user functions can result in deadlocks, this provides a way to call callbacks from a separate context.
waiters - Wait for operations to occur while running timers, runners
and watching for file descriptors.
logging - Allow the gensio library to generate logs to report issues.

These are documented in the include file.

The basic issue is that there are various event handling libraries (Tcl/Tk, glib, Xlib, custom ones, etc.) and you may want to integrate the gensio library with one of these. Even though it's a bit of a pain to have to pass one of these around, it adds needed flexibility.

gensio_default_os_hnd provides a way to allocate a default OS function handler for the platform. The same value will be returned each time, only one is created. You should generally use this one unless you have a special need as documented above.

The wake_sig value is a signal for use by the OS functions for internal communication between threads. If you are running a multi-threaded application, you must provide a valid signal that you don't use for any other purpose, generally SIGUSR1 or SIGUSR2.


gensio_default_os_hnd returns a standard gensio error.


gensio_set_log_mask(3), gensio_get_log_mask(3), gensio_log_level_to_str(3), gensio(5), gensio_err(3)
23 Feb 2019