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gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable(3) Library Functions Manual gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable(3)


gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable, gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable_cb, gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable_s - Enable or disable the accept ready callback


#include <gensio/gensio.h>
void gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable(

struct gensio_accepter *accepter,
bool enabled);
int gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable_cb(

struct gensio_accepter *accepter, bool enabled, gensio_acc_done done, void *done_data);
int gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable_s(

struct gensio_accepter *accepter, bool enabled);


These functions enable/disable the accept callback when connections come in.

gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable will do an asynchronous disable. Note that this can race with pending and running callbacks, you must be prepared to handle these races.

gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable_cb is like the above, but do a callback when the enable is complete. Really only useful for disable, when the done callback is called then no more accepts will be called and all callbacks are done.

gensio_acc_set_accept_callback_enable_s Like above, but a synchronous call. See the notes on gensio_open_s() for the dangers of using this function.


Zero is returned on success, or a gensio error on failure.


gensio_err(3), gensio(5), gensio_open_s(3)
27 Feb 2019