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rtcSetGeometryBuffer(3) Embree Ray Tracing Kernels 3 rtcSetGeometryBuffer(3)


rtcSetGeometryBuffer - assigns a view of a buffer to the geometry



#include <embree3/rtcore.h>
void rtcSetGeometryBuffer(
  RTCGeometry geometry,
  enum RTCBufferType type,
  unsigned int slot,
  enum RTCFormat format,
  RTCBuffer buffer,
  size_t byteOffset,
  size_t byteStride,
  size_t itemCount



The rtcSetGeometryBuffer function binds a view of a buffer object (buffer argument) to a geometry buffer type and slot (type and slot argument) of the specified geometry (geometry argument).

One can specify the start of the first buffer element in bytes (byteOffset argument), the byte stride between individual buffer elements (byteStride argument), the format of the buffer elements (format argument), and the number of elements to bind (itemCount).

The start address (byteOffset argument) and stride (byteStride argument) must be both aligned to 4 bytes, otherwise the rtcSetGeometryBuffer function will fail.

After successful completion of this function, the geometry will hold a reference to the buffer object.


On failure an error code is set that can be queried using rtcGetDeviceError.


[rtcSetSharedGeometryBuffer], [rtcSetNewGeometryBuffer]