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Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm)


Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright - Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright


Configuration classes used by Config::Model

Machine-readable debian/copyright. Parameters from former version of DEP-5 are flagged as deprecated. The idea is to enable migration from older specs to CANDIDATE spec.

To edit a copyright file, go into your package development directory and run:

  cme edit dpkg-copyright

To check you file run:

  cme check dpkg-copyright

To upgrade your file from an old spec, run:

  cme migrate dpkg-copyright



URI of the format specification. Mandatory. Type uniline.


The name upstream uses for the software. Optional. Type uniline.

Note: Upstream-Name is migrated with '$name' and with:

$name => "- Name"


The preferred address(es) to reach the upstream project. May be free-form text, but by convention will usually be written as a list of RFC5822 addresses or URIs. Optional. Type list of uniline.

Note: Upstream-Contact values are migrated from '- Upstream-Maintainer'


An explanation from where the upstream source came from. Typically this would be a URL, but it might be a free-form explanation. The Debian Policy, 12.5 requires this information unless there are no upstream sources, which is mainly the case for native Debian packages. If the upstream source has been modified to remove non-free parts, that should be explained in this field. Optional. Type string.

Note: Source is migrated with '"$old || $older ;"' and with:

  • $old => "- Upstream-Source"
  • $older => "- Original-Source-Location"


This field can be used in the case of non-free and contrib packages (see [Policy 12.5]( Optional. Type string.


This field can provide additional information. For example, it might quote an e-mail from upstream justifying why the license is acceptable to the main archive, or an explanation of how this version of the package has been forked from a version known to be DFSG-free, even though the current upstream version is not. Optional. Type string.

Note: Comment is migrated with '$old' and with:

$old => "- X-Comment"

Copyright information for the package as a whole, which may be different or simplified from a combination of all the per-file copyright information. See also Copyright below in the Files paragraph section. Optional. Type string.


Patterns indicating files having the same license and sharing copyright holders. See files pattern documentation <> for details. Optional. Type hash of node of class Dpkg::Copyright::Content .


White space separated list of file patterns to exclude from the package. This field is only used by uscan. Example: "*/ aclocal.m4". See also UscanEnhancements <> and the files pattern documentation <>. Optional. Type string.


Optional. Type node of class Dpkg::Copyright::GlobalLicense .


Deprecated Optional. Type uniline.


Deprecated Optional. Type uniline.


Line(s) containing the preferred address(es) to reach current upstream maintainer(s). May be free-form text, but by convention will usually be written as a list of RFC2822 addresses or URIs. Deprecated Optional. Type list of uniline.


Deprecated Optional. Type list of uniline.

Note: Upstream-Maintainer values are migrated from '- Maintainer'


Deprecated Optional. Type string.


Deprecated Optional. Type string.


Optional. Type hash of node of class Dpkg::Copyright::LicenseSpec .


Deprecated Optional. Type string.


  • cme
  • Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::Content
  • Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::GlobalLicense
  • Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::LicenseSpec



2010,2011 Dominique Dumont


2021-06-06 perl v5.32.1