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KOPANO-SET-OOF(1) Kopano Core user reference KOPANO-SET-OOF(1)


kopano-set-oof - Control a user's out of office settings.


kopano-set-oof [-h hostname] [-m mode] [-n msgfile] [-p keypass] [-s keyfile] [-t subject] [-u username] [--from datetime --until datetime]


This tool can be used to change a user's out of office settings. The storage server must be running for kopano-set-oof to work.


-h hostname

Connect to the given storage server. This defaults to file:///var/run/kopano/server.sock.

-m, --mode 0

Disable the user's out of office reply.

-m, --mode 1

Enable the user's out of office reply.

-m, --mode -

Don't enable or disable the user's out of office reply. Just update the subject and message, unless the user's out of office reply is enabled. This is the default mode.

This is useful to update all out of office settings without enabling them and without changing the messages of enabled replies because that might overwrite some useful information that a user has set.

-n, --message file

Reads the given text file and uses its contents for the autoreply's message body.

-p, --sslkey-pass password

Use the given password to access the certificate.

-s, --sslkey-file sslkey

Use the given certificate when connecting to the storage server.

-t, --subject text

The subject for Out Of Office messages will be set to the specified text.

-u, --user name

Modify the Out Of Office settings for the particular user.

--from, --until datetime

Limit the OOF responder to the given timeframe. Both options, or neither of the two, must be specified. The format to use as argument is to be in the form of "2015-04-01 23:50" (ISO-8601-like), and is taken to be in local time.


Written by Kopano.

November 2016 Kopano 8