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KOPANO-PASSWD(1) Kopano Core user reference KOPANO-PASSWD(1)


kopano-passwd - Change Kopano user password.


kopano-passwd ACTION [OPTION...]


This tool can be used to change a user password. The storage server must be running for kopano-passwd to work.

If no action is given, an error message is printed. When invalid actions or not enough options for an action are given, an error message is printed.

The Kopano passwd works only with the dbplugin. Please see the EXTERNAL USERS() section for more information.


kopano-passwd needs an action command with the appropriate options. Valid actions are:

-u username

Update the password. Valid parameters are: [-p] and -o

Default the password can be entered on the password prompt. The password will not be shown.


The options used by actions are as follows:

-p 'new password'

Set new password for a user. This option is only valid with the -o.

-o oldpassword

old password of a user. This option is only valid with the -p.

--host, -h path

Connect to the storage server through path, e.g. file:///path/to/socket. Default: file:///var/run/kopano/server.sock. This option can always be specified.


Written by Kopano.


kopano-server(8), kopano-server.cfg(5)

November 2016 Kopano 8