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KOPANO-SEARCH(8) Kopano Core user reference KOPANO-SEARCH(8)


kopano-search - Kopano Indexed Search Service.




The kopano-search daemon is used to index all messages for all users in the kopano-server. Indexing messages greatly enhances the search performance of the kopano-server.

After starting, the search daemon will continuously update the store index files and will keep listening for connections on the configured TCP port and/or Unix socket for search requests from the kopano-server(8).


The Kopano search program takes the following configuration options:

--config, -c file

Specify the location of the configuration file.

Default: /etc/kopano/search.cfg

--foreground, -F

Run in the foreground. Normally the kopano-search process will daemonize and run in the background.

--server-socket, -s path

Connect to the storage server through path, e.g. file:///path/to/socket. Default: file:///var/run/kopano/server.sock.

--reindex user/store

Remove the current index of the given user or store and start to make a new index immediately.

The given argument can be a user name, store GUID or 'public' (without quotes) to indicate the public store.

The kopano-search daemon must already be running on the same machine.

When invoked with no options, the kopano-search daemon will search for a configuration file in /etc/kopano/search.cfg. If no configuration file is found, default values are used. See kopano-search.cfg(5) for all configuration options and their default values.


Starting the kopano-search daemon with an alternative configuration:

kopano-search  -c  /path/to/search.cfg

You may also use the init.d scripts:

/etc/init.d/kopano-search [start| stop| restart| reload]


Written by Kopano.


kopano-server(8), kopano-search.cfg(5)

November 2016 Kopano 8