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JANUS-PP-REC(1) General Commands Manual JANUS-PP-REC(1)


janus-pp-rec - Janus recordings post-processing utility.


janus-pp-rec [options] source.mjr [destination.[opus|ogg|mka|wav|webm|mkv|h264|srt]]


janus-pp-rec is a simple utility that allows you to post-process recordings generated by Janus plugins (e.g., VideoRoom or others). More specifically, since Janus recordings (.mjr files) are basically a structured dump of RTP packets, this utility reorders them all and extracts the frames in order to stick them together and save them to a playable media file. No transcoding is done.


Print help and exit
Print version and exit
Only print the supported target file extensions per codec (default=off)
Only print JSON header (default=off)
Only parse .mjr header (default=off)
Only parse and re-order packets (default=off)
Only print extended JSON report (automatically enables --json) (default=off)
Save this metadata string in the target file
Number of first packets to ignore when processing, e.g., in case they're cause of issues (default=0)
Ignore all RTP packets that don't match the specified payload type (default=none)
ID of the audio-levels RTP extension (default=none)
ID of the video-orientation RTP extension (default=none)
Debug/logging level (0=disable debugging, 7=maximum debug level; default=4)
Enable debug/logging timestamps (default=off)
Disable color in the logging (default=off)
Specifies the output format (overrides the format from the destination) (possible values="opus", "ogg", "mka", "wav", "webm", "mkv", "mp4", "srt")
For mp4 files write the MOOV atom at the head of the file (default=off)
Time threshold to trigger an audio skew compensation, disabled if 0 (default=0)
RTP packets distance used to detect RTP silence suppression, disabled if 0 (default=0)
If the latency of a packet is bigger than the `moving_average_latency * (<restamp>/1000)` the timestamps will be corrected, disabled if 0 (default=0)
Number of packets used for calculating moving average latency for timestamp correction. (default=10)
Minimum latency of moving average to reach before starting to correct timestamps. If the current latency is below this threshold the timestamps will not be changed. Below the threshold we ignore the moving average. (default=500)


janus-pp-rec --header rec1234.mjr - Parse the recordings header (shows metadata info)

BUGS and that it has not been discussed already at!forum/meetecho-janus. We only use Github for code issues, and NOT for configuration or usage issues: use the group for that.

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