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pto_var - change image variables inside Hugin .pto project files


pto_var [options] --opt|--link|--unlink|--set "image variables list input.pto


pto_var is a command line tool, suitable for inclusion in shell scripts, and allows the change of image variables inside a Hugin .pto project file. Optimisation variables can be set, altered, linked and unlinked, The following image variables are allowed:

position: y, p, r, TrX, TrY, TrZ lens parameters: v, a, b, c, d, e, g, t photometric parameters: EeV, Er, Eb, Vb, Vc, Vd, Vx, Vy, Ra, Rb, Rc, Rd, Re (Vignetting and response parameter will treated as group.)

The image numbers start with zero. If the number is missing this applies to the variables of all images (In this case a special treatment applies to the position of the anchor image). An exclamation mark before the variable will remove the variable from the list of variables to optimised.


Output Hugin PTO file. Default: <filename>_var.pto
Shows help
 Change optimizer variables
   Modify the existing optimizer variables
   (without pto_var will start with an 
    empty variables set)
   --opt=y,p,r           Optimize yaw, pitch and roll of all images
                         (special treatment for anchor image applies)
   --opt=v0,b2           Optimize hfov of image 0 and barrel distortion
                         of image 2
   --opt=v,!v0           Optimize field of view for all images except
                         for the first image
   --modify-opt --opt=!v will not optimize field of view.
   --opt=!a,!b,!c        Don't optimise distortion (works only with
                         switch --modify-opt together)
   --link=v3          Link hfov of image 3
   --link=a1,b1,c1    Link distortions parameter for image 1
   --unlink=v5        Unlink hfov for image 5
   --unlink=a2,b2,c2  Unlink distortions parameters for image 2
   --set=y0=0,r0=0,p0=0  Resets position of image 0
   --set=Vx4=-10,Vy4=10  Sets vignetting offset for image 4
   --set=v=20            Sets the field of view to 20 for all images
   --set=y=val+20        Increase yaw by 20 deg for all images
   --set=v=val*1.1       Increase fov by 10 % for all images
   --set=y=i*20        Set yaw to 0, 20, 40, ...
                         Sets variables to new values
                         It reads the varlist from a file


Thomas Modes

2022-09-16 "Version: 2021.0.0"