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HALOG(1) User Commands HALOG(1)


halog - HAProxy log statistics reporter


halog [-h|--help]
halog [options] <LOGFILE


halog reads HAProxy log data from stdin and extracts and displays lines matching user-specified criteria.


Input filters (several filters may be combined)

Only match lines containing HTTP logs (ignore TCP)
Only match lines without any error (no 5xx status)
Only match lines with errors (status 5xx or negative)
Only match response times larger|smaller than <time>
Only match queued requests (any queue|server queue)
Only match requests with/without termination code <code>
Only match requests with HTTP status codes within/not within min..max. Any of them may be omitted. Exact code is checked for if no ':' is specified.


Invert the input filtering condition
Don't report errors/warnings
Limit output to the first <lines> lines

Output filters - only one may be used at a time

Only report the number of lines that would have been printed
Output connect and response times percentiles
Output number of requests per HTTP status code
Output number of requests per cookie code (2 chars)
Output number of requests per termination code (2 chars)
Output statistics per server (time, requests, errors)
Output statistics per URL (time, requests, errors)
Additional characters indicate the output sorting key:
Request count
Error count
Average response time
Average total time
Average times computed on valid ('OK') requests
Average bytes returned
Total bytes returned




halog was written by Willy Tarreau <> and is part of haproxy(1).

This manual page was written by Apollon Oikonomopoulos <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

July 2013 halog